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'Marrying Anita' - A book by Anita Jain

Told against the backdrop of a rapidly changing India, writer Anita Jain's memoir 'Marrying Anita: A Quest for Love in the New India' follows her journey from New York to New Delhi to find a husband using more traditional methods.    more »

"In a charmingly wry voice, [Jain] deftly interweaves the stories of friends, relatives and suitors, each tale illuminating another twist of the labyrinthine path to happiness offered by life in a subcontinent saturated by both tradition and technology. Jain’s assured, insouciant intellectualism is as engaging to the reader as it is problematic in her search for a mate. A sparkling, enjoyable look at how globalization affects love."

- Kirkus Reviews    more »
Now available in paperback